Test Subject 'B' BEFORE Session                Test Subject 'B' AFTER Session

  • New Owner Meditation10:16

Deb Peterson
- Holistic Alternative Wellness Practitioner
- Reiki Master and Energy Therapist
- Tuning Fork Sound Therapist
- Dowsing 'Cleaner' Practitioner in the Mauriora Society ancient tradition, to clear home and land of lower vibrations
- Member of the Sacred Evolutionary Dowsing Consortium
- Hypnotherapist / counselor
- Spiritual Teacher
- A leading authority on, teacher of, and maker of Angelic Merkabas
- Creator of the Merkaba Light Table
- Creator and guided imagery voice of Merkaba Meditation CDs

Want to feel what the energy of an Angelic Merkaba is like?

Step 1:  Listen to the 4:21 minute Introduction to the Angelic Merkaba

Step 2:  Go to my STORE page and look through the pictures of Angelic Merkabas for sale

Step 3:  Choose a picture of your favorite Angelic Merkaba and print it out

Step 4:  Lay or set down, while placing the picture on your body (best on heart center)

Step 5:  Listen to the 'New Owner Meditation' below and

        'Have A Wonderful Merkaba Connection Experience ! Blessings, Deb

Test Subject 'A' BEFORE Session                Test Subject 'A' AFTER Session

  • Introduction New Owner Meditation4:21


    New Merkaba LIght Table 'Before' and 'After' Chakra Energy Testing Study

Merkaba Light Table Class Testimonials:

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MLT Certification




  • MLT Certified Practitioner Training for Alternative Wellness Therapists
  • Dowser - Cleaner of Homes & Land
  • Chakra Balancing
  • Ascension Classes
  • Tuning Fork Sound Therapy
  • Higher Consciousness Personal Transformation
  •  Angelic Merkabas for sale

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Introducing the 'new'

(2014) Merkaba Light Table, a new Energy Medicine paradigm technology and consciousness awakening device and process.

The Merkaba Light Table is a quantum science based technology and process that works on holistic transformation of  Body, Mind and Spirit.

It enhances and amplifies the therapeutic potential of existing wellness therapies.                        Be on the 'cutting edge' of your wellness profession with this new revolutionary technology.



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